Essential Companion Tickets

We understand that some guests will not be able to access Paultons Park without the assistance of an Essential Companion. We are pleased to be able to offer an Essential Companion ticket for those guests who require additional assistance to enjoy all that Paultons Park has to offer. The Essential Companion ticket will grant access to Paultons for both the guest requiring support and the Essential Companion.

The support needed must be significant and substantial and in excess of what could be reasonably expected of family/friends already accompanying you. The support must be due to disability-related needs.

Paultons Park partners with Nimbus Disability, operators of the Access Card scheme, to assess and manage applications for our Essential Companion tickets. Nimbus Disability is one of the country’s leading providers of disability-related advice and support to professional organisations and is recognised as a lead authority on accessible ticketing in the UK. They are an award winning organisation and are run by disabled people who specialise in the legislation behind The Equality Act and other legislation like Welfare Benefits.

Register your access requirements or apply for an Access Card using the application form below.


Application Form

Applications can take 4-5 days to be processed.