Rides & Attractions - Covid-19 Information

We will be operating to a limited capacity to allow for whatever social distancing is deemed necessary for the date of your visit. This will enable us to deliver the best possible guest experience in light of the enhanced procedures we are operating within. All visitors must book online in advance of their visit.

New measures have been put in place to assist guests with the compliance of social distancing requirements around the Park. This includes messaging and barriers for queue lines at rides, food and beverage outlets and toilet facilities to help families distance themselves from others. Paultons staff will monitor queues to ensure social distancing is maintained. We respectfully ask that guests always follow our staff’s advice.

Paultons already has first class levels of cleanliness and hygiene. In light of COVID-19 we have enhanced our protocols to increase the amount of sanitisation we do around the Park with particular focus on frequently used touch points such as counters, door handles, ride restraints, wash basin taps etc.

Will all rides and attractions be open?

Unfortunately, it is not feasible to make the required social distancing adjustments to all our attractions and facilities. Therefore, indoor play areas, 4D Show Street Cinema and the Bouncer and trampolines will be closed. The closure of these attractions will be continually reviewed and revised as appropriate. Other operations and facilities may be modified or suspended without notice.

How do I social distance on the rides?

Seating plans have been developed to allow social distancing on our rides and attractions in order to minimise contact between families. Please follow the instructions of the ride operator and appropriate signage.

What is a virtual queue?

A virtual queueing system is being developed for the Official Paultons Park App in order to reduce time guests spend in queues and to assist with social distancing. Please ensure you download our App prior to arrival at the Park and upload your park tickets onto this platform to create your visiting party.

Will I need to wear a face mask / face covering at the Park?

You will not be required to wear a face covering when visiting Paultons. The Government’s guidance for our industry, which has been reviewed and passed by the Health & Safety Executive, does not recommend or insist that either our staff or guests wear face coverings. You may however see some of our staff wearing coverings or protective visors around the park, this is to keep our team who work in certain roles safe. 
Should you wish to wear a face covering at the Park and whilst using any of the rides and attractions please feel free to do so. Face coverings are available to purchase at the Park if needed.